GCN Training

Mandatory Trainings for Pittsgrove Twp. Employees
The New Jersey Department of Education requires annual training on topics for all school employees. To comply with this regulation, the Pittsgrove Township School District has contracted with Global Compliance Network (GCN), an internet-based training program. After independently completing a training, an electronic record of that goes to an online database to verify the employee’s work. After all training programs have been completed, staff members can print a single page certificate that verifies the employees completion of the programs.

– Below are instructions for using the GCN On-Line Training System.

– A list of mandatory trainings is provided.  Your Building Principal/Supervisor may require additional training modules.  Modules need to be completed by May 1st.

– Proof that training videos were viewed must be demonstrated.  Certificates of completion will be required for your PDP log at the end of the school year.

The following state-mandated professional development trainings must be completed by all staff: 

Child Abuse
Suicide Prevention
Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment
Alcohol/Drugs Awareness for Employees
Fire Extinguishers
504 Parts 1 and 2
Gang Awareness
Blood Borne Pathogens (School nurse may address in faculty meeting)
Asthma (School nurse may address in faculty meeting)

Frequently Asked Question:
Q:  I just finished my videos last April.  Do I have to watch them again already?
A: Yes, even though you may have just completed some of the trainings at the end of last school year, you must view again.  These trainings are mandated on a yearly basis.

Q: Is the list longer than last year?
A: Yes. The topics are required.

Video instructions:


The basic steps are:

  1. Go to http://www.GCNTraining.com
  2. Click the button to Login to View Training (ignore any compatibility warnings)
  3. If this is your first time logging in, select the option for new user and enter the district code: p65691
  4. Enter your name and district email address
  5. Create a username (does not have to be the same as your pittsgrove.net username) ** For 2012 new hires, Tracy Frolio has already created yours for you— firstinitiallastname
  6. Enter your email address again
  7. On the main training page, click the link for the training you want to view
  8. When done viewing training, return to the main page and print your certificate using the Print Your Certificate button.  You do not have to print your certificate until ALL required tutorials are completed.
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