PEA Pension Action Committee

The Pittsgrove Education Association has established an action committee to organize, address, and facilitate positive actions to support New Jersey’s Pension Promise. Team leaders represent all buildings.  Our committee will be presenting an action plan some time after Spring Break.

Please take a minute to educate yourself on the issues by reading the following articles linked below.  Then share with friends and family.

Let’s be clear, our pension is not an entitlement: it is deferred compensation for years of service.  Stay tuned for updates next week.

#thewholetruth about #fundnjpension:

New Jersey Has Modest Public Pension Benefits

Funding the Pension: What you need to know as we fight together to save our pension

PEA Pension Action Committee Leads:

  • Heidi Brown – Chair
  • Lorraine Hill – PTMS
  • Anette Scholl – Elmer
  • Carol Scull – Olivet
  • Kathryn Giocondo – Norma
  • JoAnn Knaub – Schalick High School
  • Lori VanEtten – CST/Maintenance
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