From NJEA President, Wendell Steinhauer

Dear Pension Activist,

Thank you for your pledge to be a pension activist and to help NJEA execute its full-court press on this very important issue. You’ll hear from me soon about ways we are going to build pressure on legislators and Gov. Christie to obey the law and fund our pensions. In less than a week, over 3,000 NJEA members have pledged to be pension activists. If you ask 5-10 colleagues to join you and make the pledge, you can help grow that number to a force that legislators and Gov. Christie can’t ignore.

The fight is already on. Kudos to the NJEA members who organized the Twitter payday campaign earlier this week. If you missed it, hundreds of members generated thousands of tweets on March 30 pointing out that they had made their pension contributions while the governor continues to refuse to make his. The governor’s defensive response to those tweets energized our members to blast his half-truths with thousands more tweets telling the whole truth.

Check out #fundnjpension at Twitter to see for yourself. If you don’t have an account, set one up! While you are on Twitter, take a minute to follow @NJEA to stay up to date on what we are doing.

And if you have a great organizing idea that’s working for you and you think could work for others, let us know. We’re not just leading this fight; we’re organizing members to lead it with us. Send your great idea to and we’ll share it with leaders and members around NJ.

The state has spent years creating this problem, and it won’t be easy to fix it. But we can get there together if we keep fighting, because the collective strength of 200,000 members can’t be ignored.


Wendell Steinhauer
NJEA President

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