NJEA: Legislators earn our support; it is not an entitlement


NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer today released the following statement:

“NJEA vehemently rejects Sen. President Sweeney’s assertion that any of our leaders or staff have done anything illegal or unethical. NJEA has been very clear that the pension amendment is our members’ number one priority. Our members are extremely angry that once again, politicians are failing to keep their promise to secure the financial security of their pensions after twenty years of playing games with their retirement funds.

“Staff and leaders informed senators that Senate President Sweeney has failed to meet his explicit commitment to place the pension amendment on the November ballot, and urged them to call for a vote on the resolution by August 8.

“Elected officials know that our members will not allow NJEA to support candidates who do not support their priorities.

“NJEA’s support for politicians is not an entitlement; it is earned. We have a responsibility to use our members’ voluntary political contributions to support their priorities. NJEA has simply informed legislators and party officials that we are withholding support that we are under no obligation to give.”



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