District Evaluation Advisory Committee:

  • Mr. Bermann, Superintendent & Chairman
  • Melissa Connover, BOE President
  • Yvette DuBois
  • Michelle Deaver
  • Angela Williams
  • Donna Meyers
  • Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez
  • Patty Gaburo
  • Brandon Matthews (parent)
  • Heidi Brown (PTMS)
  • Renee Jost (SHS)
  • Sandra Raab (Olivet/APSH)
  • Maria Ricci (Elmer)

PEA Evaluation Committee:

  • Heidi Brown (PTMS) Co-Chair
  • Eileen Miller (Norma) Co-Chair
  • Mary Ellen Holton (Norma)
  • Gail Cassidy (PTMS)
  • Sandy Raab (Olivet/Norma)
  • Renee Jost (SHS)

Teacher Evaluation Timeline and Requirements PDF

Per the NJDOE, ALL school districts must form an advisory committee “to ensure stakeholder engagement in evaluation reform”.  The deadline for forming this committee, whose purpose is to drive decision-making for the new evaluation system, is November 2012.  According to the EE4NJ faq page from the governor’s office are that, “Members of the Advisory Committee must include representation from the following groups: teachers from each school level in the district; central office administrators overseeing the teacher evaluation process; and administrators conducting evaluations. This is also according to the NJDOE (l have the letter from the department of education supporting this).
The following timeline outlines the rest of the implementation
  • By January 2013, adopt an evidence-supported teaching practice observation instrument;
  • By June 2013, thoroughly train teachers in the teaching practice observation instrument;
  • By August 2013,thoroughly train observers to ensure fair and consistent application of the instrument; and
  • In January and July 2013, complete progress reports on these milestones.
The NJEA strongly recommends:
1. Establishing a committee outside of this advisory committee, to support educators and act as a “watchdog”
2. That administrators and teachers be trained simultaneously, to build more trust with the administration and get rid of “gotcha” mentality
3. That educators keep meticulous records

Danielson Evaluation Model